SouthernTrust Bank has provided a few calculators for your banking convenience.  These may help you with loans, desposit accounts, retirement, and much more.

Annual Yield Deposit Monthly Calculator - What yield do you need to reach your goal?
Interest Rate Calculator - What rate is needed to achieve your future value? 


Auto Leasing - How much does it cost to lease?

Auto Loans - Calculate your monthly auto loan payment



APR/Front End Cost Calculator - How much does your mortgage loan really cost?

Convertible Balloon Mortgage Calculator - Is a balloon mortgage worth the risk?

Home Buy-Ability Calculator - How much home can you afford?

Mortgage Income Pre-Qualification Calculator - Can your income quality for the mortgage?

Mortgage Loan Calculator - Calculate your monthly loan mortgage payment.

Mortgage Payment Table Calculator - Compare payments on principal amounts and rates.

Prepayment Mortgage Reduction Calculator - How much can you reduce your mortgage.

Rent or Buy Calculator - Should you rent or buy a home?  Compare.



IRA 401K | 403B Calculator - How much will I accumulate by retirement?

ROTH vs Traditional IRA Calculator - Which retirement plan is right for you?

Simple Retirement Calculator - How much do you need to retire?

Retirement Payout Calculator - How long can you withdraw a fixed amount?



Simple Savings Calculator - Make monthly deposits and watch your money grow!

Tuition Savings Calculator - How much do you need to save for college tuition?



Annuity Contribution Calculator - How long will it last based on what you put away?

Annual Yield Calculator - Find the yield based on the initial investment, term, and final amount.

Estate Tax Calculator - How much estate tax will you pay?

Prepayment vs Investment Calculator - Should you prepay your loan or invest?

Wealth Calculator - Find out how wealthy you really are.

The calculators above are provided for illustrative purposes only.  We do not guarantee that calculations are accurate.  Always consult with your accountant or a professional advisor before making personal financial decisions.